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The Fear That Defines White Men

Why Do White Men Hate so Much?

Let me be very clear: Not all white men hate everything and everyone who isn’t white. I have many friends who are rational people who embrace diversity, enjoy differing perspectives and believe, as immortalized by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence, “…all men are created equal…” Yet, nearly 250 year later, white men (and many white women) hate large segments of our fellow humans purely on the basis of race, religion or other discriminatory factors. Let’s examine why.

White Men (let’s call them Bubba to differentiate them from normal white men) fear Blacks because of their organizing prowess. From the NAACP to Black Panthers to the Congressional Black Caucus, blacks have shown that they know how to force change through the power of organization. Bubba, on the other hand, is too busy fighting among wops, frogs, polacks, micks, limeys and a plethora of other ethnic groups. Bottom line, Bubbas are too stupid.

Bubbas fear Hispanics (spics, wetbacks, beaners, etc) for their work ethic. They’re the ones who trek hundreds or thousands of miles for the opportunity to pick farm produce, clean houses, maintain landscaping and other jobs that Bubba can’t or won’t do. Bubba thinks that if wetbacks weren’t here, Bubba would get the job for much higher wages. Bubba doesn’t realize that if a farmer had to pay $10-$12 an hour to pick lettuce or make up some slob’s room, the jobs wouldn’t get done and the end product, be it lettuce or a clean hotel room, would be so expensive that consumers wouldn’t pay the price, effectively destroying demand.

Bubba hates Asians (gooks, chinks, japs, slopes, etc) because of their intelligence. When Ivy League Schools have to limit Asian admissions to maintain balance among ethnicities and races (in other words, save room for Bubba-ettes) everyone recognizes Asians are intellectually superior to the average American Bubba. By every measure, SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT, etc, the average Bubba doesn’t even qualify to take the test, much less ace them. Again, Bubbas are stupid.

Bubba hates Jews (hymie, kike, shylock, etc) because they’re better businessmen. Jews are often seen as unscrupulous merchants when, in truth, they’re just better at buying low and selling high. Again, see Bubbas are stupid.

Bottom line, Bubba hates anyone who is smarter, faster, wealthier or, in any way, better than him.


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