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Religion is the Root of All Evil

Islam & Christianity are Crips & Bloods in Different Garb

For that matter, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and every other religion ever concocted by humanity, are simply formalized, ritualized scams for controlling people.

Religion is simply a man-made scheme for impressing one’s own ideas, morals and/or faith on as many others as possible. Faith is a lack of critical thinking. Putting it simply, sheep, hogs and cows faithfully follow their keepers to their slaughter while thinking, logical sentient beings can see the dangers and fallacy of blind obedience.

Don’t be a “sheeple,” if god were kind, gentle and loving, would he (could be he, she or it) allow people to burn in hell for using the brains he supposedly gave man? Or, would he at life’s final moment, absolve humans because they just used the tools they had at their disposal? If, on the other hand, god is a mean, vindictive jerk that Fundamentalist Christians depict, who the heck wants to follow him?

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