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Normal is Gone

There is No Normal, Everything is Normal

The United States of America used to be the bastion of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Now, it is simply another 3rd world dictatorship run by a tinpot wanna-be dictator surrounded by kiss-ass sycophants and religious whack jobs who want to enforce their version of sharia law on the populace. How did this happen?

As a person who studied behavioral science in grad school, I believe all forms of social governance are, eventually, destined to collapse. On one side, “liberals” just want everyone to “do their thing” and “be happy, don’t worry.” On the other side, “conservatives” want everyone to conform to their old world order. They fear change will upset their position/place in a rigid, structured society. Liberals don’t coalesce around a central theme/policy because their core belief is that everyone can/should do their own thing. Conservatives fear letting others do their own thing because they know how they’ve managed to game the system to favor their supremacy and don’t want others to gain the upper hand.

Bottom line, the problem is human nature. Compromise is a dirty word for almost all humans. In the USA, compromise usually means, “Let’s just agree to  do things my way.” Therefore, the answer is a global upheaval that decimates the human race and resets everything to “default mode.” In the past, it was thought thermonuclear MAD (mutually assured destruction)  would accomplish that but I no longer believe that is the answer. Today, my hope is that a huge asteroid pulverizes the earth before humans can spread their malignancy beyond our gravitational sphere of influence.

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