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The GQP Morons are as Unhinged as Ever

I Promise to Do Better

This blog started out as a rant against the the GQP moron administration but lay fallow as I watched them repeatedly shoot themselves in the foot after having inserted said foot into their lying mouths. I “assumed” even the dumbest redneck, racist, reprobate Republican rejects would soon tire of their Moron’s downright venality and mendacity. I never realized the depth of Republican gullibility. As the Moron continues to spout his lies about election fraud, I’ve come to realize it’s even more important to consistently call out the Moron’s lies. Toward that goal, I promise to do better at consistently posting on this blog to protect our democracy.

On a different but related track, every person, American or not, who believes in the right of women to control what happens to their own bodies should look for evidence of abortion in GQP families. It would be great if we can uncover records, emails, correspondence or, even, rumors to be followed up  establishing abortions in the families of Greg Abbot, Ted Cruz, the Moron’s family including Melania, Ivana, Ivanka, Tiffany or Marla.) It could even be Moron Jr or Weepy Eric convincing their girlfriends, prostitutes, wives or housekeepers to get an abortion. But it doesn’t need to be at national levels. If your local GQP Taliban has had an abortion in his or her family, that would be a good place to start building a fire under these hypocritical bastards.

Out of approximately 215 million registered voters in the USA, about 47 million are Democrats, 35 million Republicans, 36 million independent/other and the rest are unknown due to various reasons. If just 1% of 47 million Democrats dug up info about hypocritical GQP abortions, that’s 470,000 cases that can be used to beat the snot out of GQP claims of “family values,” “sanctity of life,” and other two-faced assertions. Let’s expose the GQP for what they really are at national, state and local levels.

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