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Why Religion Is the Root of All Evil

Logical Explanations for the Evil of Religion

If we think back to the earliest human existence as puny, weak, defenseless critters among big, strong, scary predators like Smilodon, American Lions, Gigantopithecus, Dire Wolf, Megalania (big honkin’ Komodo Dragon) and other man-eating critters, it’s easy to see how humans were constantly fearful and hiding or running.

In that environment, mans’ only weapon was his brain which enabled him to form abstract concepts, plan strategies, communicate decisions and execute tactics as a group. Even small groups of 10-30 humans could take down huge mastodons by driving them off cliffs, kill smaller prey with pit traps, snares or nets and protect against predators by devising spears and other weaponry.

At the same time, mans’ brain created problems not experienced by other creatures. Like most animals, the biggest, baddest, strongest males of the tribe had their pick of the women with whom they mated, passing on their genes. The smaller, weaker males had to figure out a way to outsmart the BMOC (big men on campus) just like modern social groups.

Smaller and weaker but smarter males were constantly devising ways to get around the big brutes to get their share of the females and ensure their (smart) genes were also propagated. In other words, survival of the fittest was the rule of the day. (Contrary to popular belief, Darwin did not coin the term) In the process, the smaller but smarter members (both male & female) used their brains to plant FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) around abstract concepts like god, religion and an afterlife. After all, killing the big, dumb brutes was a dangerous plan, leaving fewer brutes to deal with the dangers surrounding the tribe. The big, dumb brutes weren’t always convinced but, slowly, the ideas took hold as superstitions, rituals and, eventually, religion.

Before venturing forth to slay a saber-toothed tiger, prayers, rituals and laying on of hands were conferred upon the brutes by the smaller, weaker, smarter members. Eventually, these members, both male and female, came to be regarded as gifted persons of a special class. Thus was born religion and a hierarchy of priests, priestesses, acolytes, alter boys and myriad other “special” class members known for their religiosity. Bottom line, religion arose as a way for smarter but weaker tribal members to have their pick of the women, girls, boys, food and all manner of “goodies” without having to directly confront the big, strong, weak-minded brutes.

In today’s FUD filled world, religious leaders and politicians are still promising to protect puny, defenseless weaklings except now the fear is Black men, Brown people, Gays, Women and anyone else who doesn’t resemble illiterate whites.

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