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Stolen Valor Pisses Me Off

JR Majewski Engages in Stolen Valor

The moron GQP liar running for US Representative in northwest Ohio is a liar, a coward and a disgrace to the US military and, specifically, every real combat veteran. Recently, he was caught out by an AP investigation which showed he was stationed at Kadena Air Base, Japan for his entire enlistment except a short 6 month deployment to Qatar in the Persian Gulf. The closest location in Afghanistan, to which this cretin claims to have been deployed on “classified” missions,” is 670 miles as-the-crow-flies. Robat Jaali is a collection of mud huts with no airfield in sight and located in the middle of a formidable mountain range. Unless the Taliban had ICBMs or the newest US Army Strategic Long-Range Cannon (1000 mile range) it’s extremely doubtful Airman Majewski ever saw anything akin to combat.

It is possible he imagined danger in a drunken stupor for which he was busted down to Airman. Having been in the Air Force myself, I find it laughable, outright ludicrous and outrageous that some loser could spend four years in the USAF and be discharged one step above where he started in boot camp. And, he has the temerity to call himself a combat veteran.

To me, a combat veteran is my college buddy John who as a fresh marine infantryman in Vietnam was sent into the field within days after his arrival. His platoon sergeant told him to stick to him like a fly on shit. At the LZ, they were immediately pinned down in a rice paddy, taking murderous machine gun fire from a nearby tree line. The sergeant gave the command to head for a better protected area and jumped up to lead his men. As soon as he cleared the rice paddy, a machine gun bullet pierced his face, killing him instantly. After the firefight, marines pried the sergeant’s lifeless body from John’s arms as John screamed, “Sergeant Jackson, you can’t die!” That’s a real combat veteran, not some loser Rambo-wanna-be like Majewski.

In Vietnam, combat was anytime you were “in-country” or put “boots on the ground.” Air crews and shipboard sailors had slightly different but still clear definitions of who was or wasn’t a combat veteran. For 50+ years, I always made sure to present myself as a Vietnam “REMF” because the closest I came to combat was enduring a few rocket/mortar attacks and once having a US marine pop an M40 grenade at me, mistaking me for VC. The irony of it all for me is that I came back from Vietnam with bone spurs from a broken foot sustained during a rocket attack. Being twenty years old and stupid, I simply assumed it was a bad sprain. Tightening up my boot laces, I hobbled around for 6 weeks until the break healed (badly) and left me with bone spurs.

So, circling back, morons who falsely claim to be combat veterans piss me off. It’s spitting on the graves of 58,220 KIA and countless vets who still today suffer from war wounds including PTSD.

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