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GQP Wants 10 Year Olds to Have Babies

Jim Jordan Describes Trump’s Dick

Jim Jordan, the notorious Ohio State coach who ignored young men being molested by the team doctor, describes Trump’s dick when Trump was invited to join in assaulting students. Jordan says Trump couldn’t get it up no matter how hard Jordan tried sucking his

shriveled up, diseased dick. Trump complained Jordan just wasn’t as good as the 10 year old beauty contestants Trump preferred to molest.

OK, so the above is a bit exaggerated. Ivanka reports Trump’s dick is actually smaller than even Jared’s. She should know because she started giving “Daddy BJs” when she was a 10 year old. Still think this is exaggerated?

Next time you see the MAGAt and daughter together, watch her lips, she always plumps her lips more when Trump is around. It’s Pavlovian conditioning at its best. Sees Daddy, gets lips plumped up to suck it just like Daddy likes. Take a close look at the kid, can you see how he has the same vapid look as his mom and dad, Ivanka and Donald? Did you seriously believe Melanoma would allow herself to get stretch marks without a serious payoff?

The above intro is to set the stage as to why evangelicals oppose abortions. They know they represent a tiny sliver the world’s population. In order to backfill their thinning ranks, vangies want every possible uterus filled with more vangie material. In order to max each families quotas of baby vangies, incest is encouraged because, 1) Daddy gets his jollies, 2) Mommie gets to sit out a cycle and 3) more vangies!

This explains the symbiotic relationship between the MAGAt and his fervent followers. The vangies get to add more zombies to their cults and the MAGAt gets to bang Vankie while appearing to to be holier than thou but now, we really know what “holes” they’re filling.



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