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An Abundance of GQP BS, WTF

GQP Spews So Much BS

It’s hard to select which dumb ass GQP conspiracy, whine, fraud or outright bullshit to write about because there are so many to choose from. Starting with the most recent, Hersh, the GQP imbecile in Georgia said on Faux News “…this erection is about the people.” (listen carefully around the 3 second mark.) I don’t follow football so I barely knew who Herschel Walker was before this joke of a campaign but if this is the best the GQP can muster, they must be beyond the bottom of the barrel. They’ve scraped through the sludge at the bottom, through the rotted wood and are now scraping up the wet, smelly, icky dirt underneath. Of course, the comments came fast and furious. My favorite is, “Walker is now a schlong-shot at best” from Keith Olbermann but you can decide for yourself here.

Next, we have Kari Lake, the loser, election (erection per Hersch) denier who ran for Arizona governor and lost to Katie Hobbs the “not flashy but smart & steady” Democrat. Before the election, Lake played coy regards whether she would accept the results of the election if she lost, during the vote count Lake flipped-flopped depending on who was ahead at the moment. When the race was called for Hobbs, the first words out of Lake’s mouth were, predictably, “Fraud.” In the process, Lake maligned the competence of the AZ elections officials who, incidentally, happen to all be Republicans. Even her allies were embarrassed by her ridiculous claims and urged her to graciously concede. Of course, gracious is not in a Trump-turd’s vocabulary so she doubled down and claimed to be hiring the best lawyers. Good luck with that Kari. I guess once an erection denier, always an erection denier.

On the subject of Arizona, six counties have refused to certify the November 8 midterm erection results. Not only is this complete and total nonsense because the AZ Supreme Court will simply order them to do so (unless the AZSC has also been drinking the Kool Aid) but this is the very thing these knuckleheads have been complaining about. AZ repugnants told their sheeple to wait until the last minute to vote in order to gum up the works and cause delays. Now, they’re whining and complaining that the election must have been stolen because it’s taking too long to count all their last minute votes. Republicans give stupid people a bad name. BTW, if one remembers history, AZ has always taken 7-10 days to count all votes since the Republican legislature changed the process in 1991 and doubled down this year.

OK, one last Arizona story. The race for Arizona Attorney General has gone into overtime. With Kris Mayes, the Democrat candidate ahead by 510 votes over her Repugnant opponent Abe Hamadeh, a new law passed in 2022 triggered an automatic recount. This in itself isn’t odd or interesting. I would expect a race where 2.5 million voters are separated by 510 votes would be recounted. No, what I find totally bizarre is the number of Republicans who, after denigrating undocumented immigrants who “game the system” (their words) would vote for a candidate who himself is an “anchor baby.” Abe Hamedeh’s parents were undocumented Syrian immigrants who, upon learning INS was on their trail, hurriedly popped out little Abe to ensure their residency under the 14th Amendment. Now, little Abe wants to ban those dirty, nasty immigrants from using that same tactic. Abe seems to need a refresher course in the US Constitution. And, this is the guy Republicans want for Arizona AG?

When Democrats and real Republicans excise this MAGA cancer, their first order of business must be to outlaw the roots of neofascism including Confederate, Nazi, Communist, white supremacist, antisemitic and all other extreme hate groups. Yes, this will drive them underground but that will justify destroying them everywhere they’re found.

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