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The Disunited States of Stupid

Is The US About to Disintegrate?

With the election of Kevin “No Spine” McCarthy, the RWNJ (Right Wing Nut Job) extremists are firmly in charge as in, M. Traitor Greene has a vise grip on Kev’s balls leading him toward the abyss, while TFG (The Former Guy) has his putter hooked in Kev’s mouth, leading him around and Gym Jordan has his dick far up Kev’s ass, pushing him ever rightward. Since Kev has no spine or brain, like the jellyfish he is, the 118th Congress is just being pushed around like a blob of snot on a kid’s finger.

When a nation has weak leaders, all manner of sleazy, slimy creatures take over and drive the country to their own ends. In the beginning, it will be materialistic gain such as money and property but soon, these opportunists will realize that they can take anything including people, animals and even children. This is when their true nature will be revealed. Like many dystopian movies about the aftermath of the breakdown of civilization, Republicans have no ideals or philosophy, their only strategy is sowing FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) and their only tactics are lying and violence.

A lot of this is because the gullible rank & file are uneducated masses who have been indoctrinated by drinking the Kool-Aid of religion and cheap beer. These are the ones who only want cheap beer, Sunday football and someone to hate. They’ll hate whomever their so called “leaders” tell them to hate. Today, it’s Blacks, Jews, Asians, Hispanics, gays, trans and drag queens. Tomorrow, it will be animals and children because those are easy targets. Pedos like Gym Jordan will proclaim it’s OK to use children for deviant sexual purposes. Sickos like Don (I want Daddy’s love) Junior will wantonly kill pets and kids because, well just because.

You may think this is hyperbole and I’m just fearmongering but think what you would have said in 2016 if i had told you a known grifter, reality TV barker and sex assailant would be elected President of the United States. Think what you would have said in 2020 if told the aforementioned grifter would wind up supporters to the point of violently attacking the US Capitol in an effort to overturn a democratic election. Now, tell me how you would have retorted when told a spineless, brainless Republican would swallow every shred of abasement, debasement and humiliation to appease the very same rabid MAGAts (MAGA traitors) in order to win the House Speakership. This creature (I won’t deign to call him a man) will give away everything to hold that position. If that means allowing extremists to give away the United States to Putin, so be it.

When all this comes to pass, I’ll be there to remind you, “I informed you thusly.”


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