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The US Could Become the Next Haiti

A Dysfunctional Congress May Be the First Step

Kevin McCarthy may go down in history as the slime who destroyed the United States, not because he’s some sort of evil, Machiavellian genius but because McCarthy is the epitome of a spineless, craven politician who will give up anything and everything to retain perceived power. Now with coward McCarthy as Speaker and Trump’s hold over GOP waning, it’s possible the Republican party will devolve into a common criminal gang like Haiti. We’ve already had a case of a Republican loser candidate taking (literal) potshots at Democrats. We’ve had multiple losers weaponizing the judicial system by filing unfounded, unhinged lawsuits. The King of Failed Lawsuits filed over 60 and lost every one.

On Monday, January 9th, 2023, the last 10 remaining senators of Haiti’s government resigned as their terms expired. With no new senators to replace them, Haiti effectively became a failed nation. The path Haiti took to get to this situation is similar to the path the United States is on.

Haiti and the Dominican Republic (DR) are small nations on the island of Hispaniola, about 60 miles off the eastern tip of Cuba although there’s no way to get here from there. The only flight into Haiti from Cuba is via COPA and costs about $640. Haiti, the western one-third of Hispaniola, was claimed by France and the eastern two-thirds, DR, was claimed by Spain. Interestingly, the French forcibly settled much of Haiti with African slaves while Spain used few slaves and mostly encouraged Spanish settlers. In 1791, Haitian slaves revolted and declared independence from France in 1804. Then, in 1821, DR declared independence from Spain and was promptly invaded by Haiti. The war ended in 1844 with the border restore and DR gaining independence. So, the island of Hispaniola hasn’t exactly been a forest of tranquility. The current border wasn’t settled until 1936.

Fast forward to today and Haiti is again in complete disarray with no functioning government. The streets are controlled by criminal gangs who       rule by force, intimidation and violence. In other words, very similar to the US. The similarities between the photos is undeniable. Armed criminals are roaming the streets with impunity in both Haiti and the US Capitol. The only difference is that Haiti doesn’t have a criminal gang leader like Donald J. Trump, aka MAGAt (MAGA traitor.)

Instead, the US has an even more insidious threat in the form of Ron DeSantis. This is a person who, as a US Navy JAG officer, not only sanctioned US torture at Guantanamo but enjoyed watching prisoners being tortured. The heart of the video starts at 8:50 but the preceding 8 minutes gives interesting background. To put it mildly, DeSantis would easily be elected head of a Haitian criminal gang.


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