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RWNJ Book Bans & Library Closures

Republican & GQP Want to Return to 1850s

Why are Republicans so afraid of books and ideas yet they’re perfectly willing to tolerate the hate spewed by a moron with the the IQ of a cow patty? Why do gays (LGBTQIA+) and Critical Race Theory (CRT) scare them so much that they spend an inordinate amount of time legislating against them? Bottom line, why are Republicans so FUCKING stupid?

 WHEN YOU LOSE HALF YOUR IQ; ALL YOU HAVE LEFT IS Q | made w/ Imgflip meme makerThere are several theories, all of which pre-Trump would have seemed preposterous but, post-Trump, have gained credence as the level of idiocy reaches new depths. Given my background in Behavioral Science, I’m predisposed to the idea of projection. Republicans hate themselves because they hate what they are inside. When Republicans rail against gays, they’re simply expressing their self-hatred for being and wanting to be, gay. Deep down inside, GQPers know they want gay sex a’la Brokeback Mountain. All “big hat” cowboys are attracted to other cowboys and hate themselves for it. A lot of this comes from recent history when, during the 1800s, cowboys on 3 to 5 month cattle drives didn’t have any women on whom to take out their hatred and misogyny. They couldn’t beat and rape other cowboys because, after all, they were all armed. So the only remaining solution was to snuggle up next to Bubba and make nice. “Hey Bubba, how ’bout I do you and you can do me afterwards.”

This also explains the American male penchant for guns. As long as they were armed, Bubba would have to negotiate and play nice so both could get their jollies without fear of exploitation. Women, on the other hand, didn’t normally carry because they weren’t on the trail for months at a time by themselves surrounded by horny guys. Women were protected by a veneer of civility in towns and cities where, if a man wanted his way, he had to pay for the privilege.

This brings us to the present day wherein GQP RWNJs are busy trying to eradicate books and ideas on homosexuality, CRT, race, diversity and anything else they deem “indoctrination.” Take, for example, Vickie Bagget an English teacher at Northview High School in the Escambia County School District. She’s so virulently anti-gay that she wants to ban a book about two male penguins who “adopt” an orphaned penguin chick to raise as their own. This is an award winning children’s book that Bagget wants to ban because it doesn’t comport with her worldview of “how things should be,” in other words the bible, a book written by 40 authors over 1500 years. It seems “christians” don’t want the world to be “like” the good old days, they want it to “be” the good old days. Bagget would be perfectly happy to keep slaves and execute those who disagree by stoning or nailing to a cross.

Next, we have whack-a-doodles in the small town of Patmos, MI who want to shut down the town library because of a single award-winning book, Gender Queer by Maia Kobabe. Just imagine, a whole library defunded and shut down over one book. It doesn’t take any imagination to see where these GQP RWNJs are headed with this. Next, no mention of LGBTQIA+ will be tolerated in local newspaper articles. The internet will be censored to prevent any mention of “objectionable” materials. Where will this end?

Did I mention Vickie Bagget is also a racist? I guess small-minded people hate all manner of things their tiny brains can’t accept. While I’m at it, let’s just throw in my least favorite small-minded, stupid person, Trump. I’m guessing, like Trump, the small-minded people of Patmos, MI and Vickie Baggett are just too stupid to think beyond their fairy-tale world be it the bible or, in Trump’s case, porn and sexual assault.

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