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Ruben Gallego for AZ US Senator 2024

Vote for Ruben Gallego in 2024

Ruben Gallego for AZ US Senator 2024

In 2024, Arizona has the opportunity to elect a REAL Democrat for US Senator. Along with recently re-elected Democrat Senator Mark Kelly, Ruben Gallego “talks the talk and walks the walk.” After graduating from Harvard, Ruben could have joined the Marines in some cushy admin job, a chair-borne ranger who puts himself in for a Purple Heart for a paper cut.

Instead, Ruben Gallego joined as a grunt, a lowly enlisted man who was in the hardest hit Marine unit during the Iraq War, Lima Company, 3rd Battalion, 25th Marine Regiment. He wrote the book, “They Called Us “Lucky”: The Life and Afterlife of the Iraq War’s Hardest Hit Unit,” published in 2021. Forty-six Marines and two Navy Corpsmen were killed in his unit including his best friend.

Together with Senator Mark Kelly, a retired Navy Captain, combat fighter pilot and astronaut, Ruben Gallego will bring sanity to the US Senate, a body now overrun by wanna-be “Rambos” who may talk big but always vote for laws that only benefit themselves.


AZ can finally get rid of Sleazy, Slimey Sinema (aka Krazi Kyrsten) who is only in it for money. Sinema’s motto is and always has been WII-FM (What’s In It For Me.) In the best case, Sinema will find a cushy lobbyist gig from her Davos dalliances and not even run for re-election. She’ll simply take her campaign winnings and jet off to swinger parties in Europe.

Even the 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act which she constantly touts was only passed because construction companies in AZ and around the US paid her off. She will be skimming millions of dollars off the top of federal dollars intended to benefit Americans around the country. As crazy as Krazi Kari Lake may be, at least she’s always been batcrap crazy. Krazi Kyrsten just follows the money. In this case, she will probably have her nose firmly up some wealthy Saudi ass.

Vote for Ruben Gallego!


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