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Capitalism is the Junkyard Dog Gone Rabid

Everyone Loves Capitalism Until They Don’t

Capitalism is a great philosophy, idea and system until it isn’t. Capitalism is a sentient, living organism. Just because it’s not flesh and blood is no reason to think it doesn’t grow, mutate and, in the present situation, become diseased. The first step, of course, was the Citizens United ruling of 2010 wherein a conservative Supreme Court majority ruled that, for all practical purposes, corporations and PACs (political action committees) are essentially “persons” with all the election funding/donation rights appertaining. In other words, corporations and PACs can give all the money they wanted to influence elections.

Only in the alternative reality of GQP/GOP can corporations be equated to people. SCOTUS ruled, “…limiting “independent political spending” from corporations and other groups violates the First Amendment right to free speech.”  In effect, this gave wealthy donors, companies and, even foreign entities, the ability to wield even more influence over US elections. After all, who controls corporations but the wealthy. And, everyone knows, the wealthy live by different rules. What’s to prevent a wealthy foreigner from buying controlling interest in a US corporation and directing donations to candidates of his choice. For that matter, how do we know that didn’t happen when the MAGA MAGAt got elected. Given the sketchy way Trump was elected in 2016, it’s possible, maybe even probable, that a foreign entity such as Putin or Xi directed oligarchs in their respective countries to funnel money and resources to get Trump elected. Maybe foreign oligarchs bought Dominion Voting Systems Corporation and rigged the machines to throw the election to Trump, or at the very least, siphon votes from Clinton.

Why would they do this you ask. Both Putin and Xi are savvy manipulators who could easily see right through Trump’s needy, narcissistic personality. They thought subverting the US would be a cakewalk (compared to Ukraine or Taiwan) and wanted a president who they could flatter into giving them the keys to the vault, so to speak.

Whatever the reasons, capitalism has gone rabid over over a mixture of money and power. What once used to be a path for ordinary folks to improve their lot in life has been transformed into a tool for oligarchs to keep ordinary people “down on the farm.” At one time, capitalism was what separated the US from an autocratic, centralized economy. Capitalism was a “better” system that allowed anyone who had a better idea and worked hard to succeed. Now, capitalism has gone rabid and is a tool of oligarchs to keep ordinary people in fear.

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