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The World is Analog, Trumpers Aren’t

Fundi-Vangie, Christo-Fascist, White Nationalist, MAGA Traitor Thought Process

The world is analog but christo-fascist fundamentalists and evangelicals want it to be digital as in, there are only two genders. There is only one god, all others are fakes. The bible is the only true word of their mythical god. In reality, male and female are opposite ends of an analog scale. What that means is that there are straight males at one end, straight females at the other end and a whole range of mixed genders in between. Just about every society and civilization has formulated a set of beliefs to help explain that which can’t be explained by touch, feel, sight, taste or some other physical sensation. The

When I was much younger, I thought in black & white, much the same as today’s fundi-vangies. I thought I was either right or wrong, dead or alive, Democrat or Republican. To my immature, as yet undeveloped brain, everything was 1 or 0. In Vietnam I learned the world is full of different shades of gray between black and white. As I grew older, I came to see that the world has a lot of nuances where things aren’t so clear-cut or defined. Now, I realize there’s a very narrow bar of black on one edge and another narrow strip of white on the opposite edge. Everything in between is varying shades of gray.

Thinking in b&w is a sign of people who haven’t developed the maturity and intellect to study an issue from different, possibly opposing, angles. These are people who proudly proclaim, “Don’t confuse me with the facts, I’ve got my mind made up!” Over the years, I’ve met many people who can’t think beyond their noses. Yet, thinking is a crucial part of being an informed electorate. The USA has devolved into a nation of sheep who blindly follow someone, anyone who suckers them into believing their lies.

Lying sack of shit


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