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Why Stupid People Flock to Other Stupid People

Why Stupid People Support Trump

Bottom line, stupid people love stupid people because it makes them feel normal, as if stupidity is the norm, not the left tail of a standard intelligence curve. This is one reason why so many morons make up and broadcast moronic ideas about conspiracies, outright lies and fake resumes. They know someone is always ready to believe them. George Santos and other Republicans with BS resumes make this point. If no one was willing to swallow their lies “hook, line & sinker,” they wouldn’t waste time ginning up such nonsense.

Santos says, “…I ran in 2020 for the same exact seat for Congress and I got away with it then.” He admitted, “I just think it was a stupid decision on my part,” he said about the fabrication. “A very stupid decision that I regret every day.” At least he admits he’s stupid. But the bigger question is, why do some people who voted for him still support him? The bottom line is that Santos’ voters are basically stupid. And, if not outright stupid, certainly intellectually challenged. They see in him the same same qualities they know lurk inside their own sleazy lives. They know they’re the same ones who would lie about graduating college to get a job,. They know they’re the same ones who would lie about their work history in order to land a better paying job. They know they’re the same ones who would steal from a disabled vet if it gained them a few bucks. They know they’re just as smarmy and sleazy as Santos. It makes them feel good to know a lowlife like Santos got elected to Congress based on lies because it makes their own lies seem less outrageous. This article has a complete (we think) list of Santos’ lies.

On a more prosaic level, everyday dummies like to flock to losers like Trump because it makes them feel superior knowing that a liar, just like them, got to the top of the food chain. Losers flock to losers because it gives them a sense of being superior. Many know they’re being replaced by smarter, harder working, better organized people who are often minorities. These losers know and fear losing their place in society simply because they’re not too bright. They can’t accept that their white privilege can’t protect them when merit counts.

Dumb, uneducated, racist hicks like Trump because they think Trump will make them relevant. What they don’t get is that Trump despises them more than he hates Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Muslims and Democrats. At the same time, Trump knows he needs their stupidity because who else would be dumb enough to vote for him.

My yard signs usually elicit comments from Democrats who are afraid to display such signs in their yards but sidle up to me and tell say how much they like mine. Lately, I’ve had two comments from trumpers who were offended and called me a “hater. That must be the MAGAt “go to” slur because that’s what the cops who threatened me, called me. At least the recent trumpers stopped and tried to engage instead of scurrying away like the cowardly cops.

The first asked if I “loved Biden?” I replied I like politicians who get things done. He launched into nonsense about how trump had built the wall and kept gas prices down. I laughed and tried to tell him huge segments were never finished and Bannon ran a grift claiming he was finishing the wall. As for gas prices, I tried to tell him prices were down to pre-pandemic levels except in Arizona where GQP/GOP were manipulating prices to keep morons angry. Unfortunately, he wasn’t in the mood to listen and drove off. In the second instance, a old, fat, white guy and his wife asked me why I was such a “hater” after I waved “Hello” to them. I reminded him that 60+ courts had ruled against trump’s lies and he drove away repeating that I was a “hater.” You just can’t fix stupid.

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