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A Little Media Spotlight Disinfectant

Some Forward Movement

Dave Biscobing of ABC15 in Phoenix, AZ interviewed me and aired the story about ongoing harassment and threats against me about my yard signs. Dave is the Chief Investigative Reporter at KNXV-TV ABC15 who has won numerous national awards for exposing corruption and malfeasance in local government. He’s the reporter who uncovered many problems within the Phoenix PD and Maricopa County Attorney’s Office (MCAO) including colluding to overcharge peaceful protesters in a blockbuster report that eventually led to the resignation of Phoenix Police Chief Jerry Williams and the termination of April Sponsel from the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office. Bottom line, Dave Biscobing gets results.

After my 3rd visit from the Wickenburg PD (WPD,) I reached out to ACLU, FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights & Expression,) several media outlets, government agencies and many law firms. Law firms and attorneys are only interested in making money so even if there were money involved, there’s not enough for them. Large advocacy organizations like ACLU and FIRE similarly want to tackle big projects that affect large groups. Ditto government agencies. So, when Dave Biscobing responded to my e-mail, I was excited to have an investigative reporter of his stature interested.

I wrote out a plan in LibreOffice Impress (old habits die hard) to focus my mind on the message I wanted to deliver, the objectives I wanted to accomplish and the long-term goals I hoped to attain. Dave actually took a copy and, I believe, the three page presentation helped focus my thoughts so Dave and I were on the same page. The video and ABC15 accompanying article can be found HERE or just the video below.


If you like this story, please forward the link to your friends. While you’re at it, please send Dave Biscobing a thumbs-up at ABC15. Thanks for reading.

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