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Chief Justice John Roberts’ Legacy

The Guy Who Morally Bankrupted SCOTUS

John Roberts will go down in history as the spineless weenie who led the most corrupt SCOTUS in US history. He tries to speak out of both sides of his mouth and ends up puking out his nose. For Roberts to claim “…he and the other justices were working to hold themselves to the “’highest standards’” of ethical conduct.” is as laughable as Trump claiming to be a genius.

Being an engineer by training, I always liked things to be black & white, right or wrong, 1 or 0. In order to maintain order in my mind, I trusted judges and courts. I believed courts were sacrosanct institutions led by wise judges. Boy, was I ever naive. Roberts made his claim on the same day Clarence Thomas’ buddy Harlan Crow refused to explain his relationship with the bought & paid for “justice” Uncle Thomas. Then, in an amazing feat of tone deafness, Roberts goes on to say, “The hardest decision I had to make was whether to erect fences and barricades around the Supreme Court.” WTF? Putting up a fence was the hardest decision he had to make? Not only is he tone deaf, he’s also an idiot and totally out of touch with the American public.

Now, in a belated effort to whitewash the court’s pathetic reputation, Roberts is doing headstands to show the court’s impartiality. Of course, like today’s ruling on FAIR v. UNC, the conservative majority just can’t help but twist and torture logic into concluding “Yes means No” and “Up means Down.” This is akin to the Taliban concluding women now have greater freedom in Afghanistan because they’re no longer executed for a niqab wardrobe malfunction that accidentally exposes her ankle.

The RWNJ SCOTUS Six are the gift that keeps on giving for bloggers. Today (July 1, 2023) they ruled that christo-fascist American Taliban can discriminate against gays based on fake evidence in the case of a faux christian amateur website developer claiming to want to deny working for a faux client who never asked. Are you confused yet? Along with that, SCOTUS voted to kill Biden’s student loan program. What voters want to know is which of Thomas’ wealthy BFFs wanted that dead because with Robert’s SCOTUS, we now know, “Money talks and screw the rest of you.”

Yes, Robbie will be remembered as the chief justice who took SCOTUS back to the bad old days of justice John Rutledge (1789) who wished George Washington dead. For this, he was promptly tossed off the bench. To this day, Rutledge remains the only SCOTUS justice so dismissed. There’s also justice James Clark McReynolds (1914-1941) who was a dye-in-the-wool bigot, anti-Semite, misogynist and all-around jerk. When he died none of his past or present fellow Justices attended his funeral. In some not-so-distant future article, Robbie will be listed right up there among the worst of the worst. Roberts, Gorsuch, Thomas and Alito may the the next four for whom everyone will just say, “Good riddance.” Kav and the Handmaiden are too clueless to have any deep seated stupidity. They’ll do whatever seems popular and easy. Make no mistake, today’s conservative justices are just paid political stooges doing the RWNJ bidding. There is no semblance to the real Supreme Court of past.

So, to follow the money back one more step, it all goes back to one Leonard Leo.

Leo, meanwhile, isn’t just using his millions to put key cases and supporting arguments in front of the supreme court. He’s also working behind the scenes, connecting justices like Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito with conservative tycoons happy to ply these figures with luxury trips and other cushy benefits. As the Nation recently noted, Leo is the “matchmaker” who “makes it his job to keep rightwing judges, donors and political actors in alignment.” The Guardian, 6/30/23

What it all comes down to is a Supreme Court bought and paid for by big bucks oligarchs. They can’t even be called right wing nut jobs or GQP because they have no position or polity other than money & power.

The image above is outdated having been produced before Supreme Court Justice Jackson was appointed. If there’s interest, I’ll update it but, in the meantime, feel free to reuse it under Creative Commons license which means the image must be attributed to and cannot be used for commercial purposes or changed.

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