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Don’t Argue with Idiots

An Object Lesson

I recently made the mistake of arguing with an idiot. He’s an Arizona State Representative and an ex-cop and lives in a fact-free, alternate reality where he can dismiss logic and reason with a simple, “Because I said so.” HERE is a link to the article. The “argument,” if you can call trying to keep a mental midget on track an argument, is in the comments.

Right from the git-go, the moron was convinced a law had been broken and the cop who threatened arrest was in the right. Kav ignored the fact the cop cited completely irrelevant statutes and kept arguing local ordinances can ban signs. For some reason, he loves the phrase “content neutral.” Must be some big words he picked up while sitting at home on PTO with nothing else to do.

It was pointed out to him that the signs were political signs whose content are protected by the First Amendment but he kept nattering on about “content neutral. He then pivoted to laws controlling campaign signs in Arizona. As I beat my head against my desk, another reader pointed out there’s a difference between campaign signs and political signs.

That’s when I realized I was arguing with a fact free, MAGA moron whose go-to reply is, “Because I said so.”

One can’t expect too much from a politician who says things like “everybody shouldn’t be voting.” He’s also one of those who wants to inspect little kids before they pee to make sure they’re using the “correct” bathroom. I honestly believe he may be in late stage dementia, GQP dementia.

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