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Democrats Lack Balls

Democrats Worry Too Much About Offending MAGA Morons

After my ABC15 interview went viral, I heard from Democrats I hadn’t spoken with in several years. To a person, they all admired my actions and felt it was time to stand up to RWNJs (Right Wing Nut Jobs.) However, to a person, none had taken any action. To be perfectly honest, not many people own a 24″ wide format printer on which to produce political signs pretty much “on a whim.” I always offer to print signs for them of their own design and liking. Again, most people demur saying they either don’t have the tools, knowledge or skill. I persist and ask them to send me images of signs or memes they like and I’ll print those as long as they’re not copyrighted. Crickets.

All this simply leads me to the conclusion that Democrats lack balls to stand up for what they believe. Dems don’t seem to grasp that we’re in a fight for the soul of the nation. We are facing off against fundamentalists, evangelicals, white nationalists and all manner of extremists who want a Russia-style authoritarian regime where they believe white men will be in charge, liberals and progressives will be banished/eliminated, Christianity will be the national religion and all gender or LGBTQ+ people will be de-legitimized. This wish, of course, springs from the “great replacement theory” espoused by Renaud Camus, a French RWNJ.

Just in case you have any doubts, this photo is what sane people are dealing with. RWNJ MAGA morons are infected with a rabid form of mental illness. Since I’m not a medical doctor, I don’t know for sure but I believe MAGA Moronism is the only infectious mental illness. Some people are infected immediately while others are infected over a period of time. And, like rabies, very few ever recover like Pamela Hemphill, a convicted Jan 6 rioter who says she finally “…saw the light in April (2023), around the time of her 70th birthday, and climbed out of what she called Trump’s “cult.”” She, at least, seems to have recovered with all her senses intact and is now ready to fight back against a zombie infestation that once nearly claimed her.

Unfortunately, most don’t recover from rabies or the MAGA Moron cult. That’s why it’s important that Democrats and progressives step up their game and be fearless in their condemnation of the MAGA moron cult.

In every zombie movie and TV show, the infected can’t be cured. Killing them is the only solution. I’m not advocating killing MAGA morons but we have to use the most effective tools at our disposal: words and actions that strike at the heart of their rabid mental illness. There are many drugs for the treatment of mental illness but the best for MAGA moron induced fervor (fever) is ridicule. Kick them in their tiny balls with ridicule and make them slink back to their incel cave in mama’s basement. The route MAGA moron mental illness takes is through nerves just like rabies. Unlike rabies, MAGA moronism can be transmitted through the air, think of it as aerosolized BS. And, just like rabies, MAGA moron can be killed with sunlight. Let’s expose all these mentally ill MAGA morons to some fresh disinfectant exposure. Put up a sign in your yard. It doesn’t have to be rude, crude and offensive like mine, just call out their mentally ill cult for what it is. I’ll even print your ideas on canvas or vinyl (up to 24″x48″) for free. Send me your ideas.

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