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Trump Will Go Away, MAGA Won’t

MAGA Must Be Wiped Out

Many Democrats and progressives hope trump will be stomped into oblivion in the 2024 elections and, hopefully, they’ll get their wishes. However, anyone who thinks that will be the end of trumpism and MAGA are deluding themselves.

The last 6 years have proven that there’s no end to the stupidity of MAGA morons who believe whatever Fox News or OAN or the RWNJ blathering fool of the day might be touting as “news.” Not one of them has ever reported on trump (I refuse to capitalize the moron’s name) telling the wife of a slain Special Forces Sgt La David Johnson, “He knew what he signed up for” or the time the moron called WWI US GIs buried at a French cemetery “losers.” The moron’s disdain for soldiers goes back to his days at the NY Military Academy. His classmates paint a picture of a lower than average student who, even then, was into self promotion and grifting.

Unfortunately, even if trump keels over today, the damage he has wrought on the US will continue on for generations and decades. America is, at it’s heart, a redneck racist country filled with violent knuckledraggers imbued with a sense of entitlement because they’ve always gotten away with their criminality. Let’s face it, early colonists were not the cream of the crop. They were mainly prisoners, criminals, religious bigots and other low class human detritus that escaped the UK and Europe as a whole.

Once European colonialists arrived and discovered they could bully their way to the top of the pecking order by dint of firearms, guns became the weapon of choice for taking, enforcing and maintaining power. That same mentality remains among redneck racist republicans. Unable to accept his 2020 loss, trump, of course, blamed a “crooked election” when the only thing crooked was his lies. As an entitled white man, trump just couldn’t accept that he wasn’t entitled to be declared winner just because. Marjorie Traitor-Greene famously blamed “Jewish space lasers” for trumps loss in 2020.

As recently as Oct 17, 2023, trump has been quoted as calling American military generals some of the dumbest people he has ever met. Is this what an American patriot promotes? Based on an article in Foreign Policy magazine, trump’s contempt for US military goes back to his high school days as a cadet at New York Military Academy where his father’s money protected him and contributed to his sense of entitlement. Hanging on to trump’s coattails, we have losers like “Gym” Jordan and Tuberville who, despite never having served a day in uniform, pretend to know more about the US military and policies than career soldiers and diplomats.

As I write this, Mike Johnson of Louisiana has been elected Speaker of the House of Representatives after over 3 weeks of republican-induced chaos. For 3 weeks, the business of the United States has been on hold and in limbo due to the clown show called GOP. When they eventually elected a Speaker, it turns out to be a mega-MAGA election denier, anti-abortion, christo-fascist who believe the US needs to return to the values of 250 years ago when, of course, only white men could rule.

trump, trumpism and MAGA are part of American DNA. We can never totally be rid of it but, like Nazism in post-war Germany, all remnants of MAGA must be wiped out by any and all means available. First, outlaw all symbols, regalia and writings supporting hate ideology such as white nationalism, confederate flags, KKK robes, Nazi uniforms and militaria except as government or school teaching props. In such settings, the whole context must be taught including atrocities wrought by those who wore/carried/espoused hateful ideologies. Books and writings should be available through libraries for legitimate research. Illegal copies will not be confiscated but owners will pay a huge penalty for possession and their copies will be placed in an approved facility where researchers, students and even the former owners can access them for study.

The bleatings of the far right about their constitutional rights must be given a fair hearing. About 10 nanoseconds should be long enough to convince any rational, thinking American that the far right has no plan, no policy, no idea where they’re headed or what they’ll do when they get there. The right wing has only death and destruction as goals. Like climate change, the US is past the point of no return. As much as 40% of the US citizenry are tightly bound to right wing christo-fascist ideologies in order to preserve their membership in a tribe that owes its allegiance to a narcissist. We must prepare to fight fire with fire.

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