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Chickens for McNuggets

Why Do People Vote Against Their Own Interests?

Blog for Arizona, a leading voice for democracy in redneck, racist trump country, had a a gag-inducing article about Rep Juan Ciscomani and the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. In case you’re not up on AZ politics, Ciscomani is one of those white-boy wanna-be Hispanics who supports 4-time indicted criminal defendant and traitor trump. The group awarded a “Public Servant Award” to this truly putrid piece of crap, showing the true agenda of HCoC.

I wanted to embed this comic in the comments but the B4AZ comment app doesn’t support images so I’m embedding it here to show my disgust for people who support politicians who turn their backs on their own constituents. Along with Cisco, Arizona is also home to Kirsten “I’m the rich bitch” $$$inema who decided her constituency is anyone with big bucks.

There are definitely some reasons for voting against one’s own interest including for the good of the nation, for the good of humanity and for the good of the earth/environment. For example, if I were Joe Biden, I’d stop all aid to both Israel and Palestinians to force them to come to the table and negotiate. Yeah, I might lose the 2024 election but who are Jews and Arabs going to vote for, trump? For the good of the earth and environment, I’d implement a government mandated gas price of $20 per gallon to force oil companies into bankruptcy and I’d nationalize the oil industry “for the common good.” Again, I’d get my butt kicked in the election but maybe it’s time for Americans to get a taste of the authoritarian despot they think they want in charge. The fundie-vangie christo-fascists will be among the first to realize their “savior” is going to take their wealth including church properties. They might catch a break with the pedo thing and get to attend pedo parties at MAGA Lardo.


But, I digress. In answer to my lede, MAGA are basically driven by fundie-vangie whackjobs who aren’t the brightest bulbs in the pack. Let’s face it, religion is the greatest scam ever perpetrated on humankind. What else can you call a scam that has you paying for something you can’t see, feel, hear, smell, taste or otherwise sense but promises untold riches and rewards after you die when your your warranty is null and void anyway. Enough people believe this nonsense that the Mormons are worth upwards of $200 million and the Catholic Church is worth, at least, $73 billion. That’s billion with a “B.” That’s a lotta “$$$ for hay-sus.”

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