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Worst Case Scenario for 2024

Hope for the Best but Plan for the Worst

Liz Cheney isn’t exactly my hero given her right-wing policies and parentage but she’s one of the few people on the national scene who seem to recognize that trump presents a clear and present danger, not just to Americans but to democracy in general. If trump is elected in 2024, dictators and strongmen the world over will be emboldened to claim their piece of the pie. There is no shortage of wanna-be dictators and democracy will face an existential threat if trump is ever again allowed into the Oval Office.

trump has already said he will be a “dictator on day one.” He claims he will only be a dictator for one day but that’s enough to destroy the United States as we now know it. On Day 2, he will claim the deteriorating situation requires him to take strong measures to ensure America survives (in his image.) There will be no stopping him once he starts issuing Draconian orders meant to exact revenge on anyone and everyone he feels has “dissed” him. Law enforcement and the military will either hesitate to act or actively join him in subverting the Constitution as will many members of state and federal government.

This is not some Democrat progressive liberal scare tactic, this is reality. These are trump’s own words. He recently said, if reelected, he would be a dictator “on Day 1”. In a post on his failed social media platform, trump implied that former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley should be executed for treason. Trump criticized Milley, a U.S. Army general, for calling his Chinese counterpart to reassure him after the Jan. 6, 2021, storming of the U.S. Capitol. Trump wrote on the social media platform that it was “an act so egregious that, in times gone by, the punishment would have been DEATH. Bottom line, if trump is reelected, the US will be in the clutches of a demented madman with all the intelligence of a MAGAt.

It would behoove all rational people to be prepared for the worst case scenario. First, all LGBTQ+ persons will be harassed, threatened and intimidated to the point they either flee the country or commit suicide. Those who are left will be rounded up and institutionalized or imprisoned. Next, it will be “open season” on Blacks, Hispanics and Asians, basically anyone who “looks” different. Finally, MAGA moron goons like Oath Keepers and Patriot Front will attack just about anyone they don’t like. It wouldn’t surprise me if Enrique Tarrio is murdered simply because his name sounds “Mexican.” trumpers will get away with their criminality because they’ll have the firepower.

It time for Dems, progressives, liberals and all normal Americans to think real hard about what they’ll do if “push-comes-to-shove” and they’re confronted by an armed MAGA moron. This is a decision every person has to make for himself, herself or theirselves but, when the time comes, be aware there won’t be a lot of time to weigh the pros and cons. Make your decision now and be prepared to live with the consequences.

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