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Trump Planted Biden Documents

Texts, Videos and E-mails Found

Messages between Trump, Roger Stone and Steve Bannon show the three colluded to plant doctored classified documents in Biden’s office and home. Although Stone and Bannon are thought to be enemies vying for Trump’s favor, one thing draws them together over all else, hatred of the US. It’s been reported Bannon got classified documents from Trump and had them doctored (photoshopped) to appear to be older documents from the Obama era. He did this through Chinese connections who were only too happy to oblige. The documents were given to Stone who used his contacts to find a “reverse burglar” to place the documents in Biden’s old office at UPenn.

When the story wasn’t released in time for the 2022 midterms, Stone had more documents hidden in Biden’s home in Delaware and made sure it was searched in a timely fashion. Since Biden still lives at the home in Delaware, there wouldn’t be reason for anyone to be rummaging around for secret documents unless they were tipped off.

The official story is that Biden’s White House lawyer found the documents but there’s no reason given for why the lawyer was searching the house. Could it be he was tipped off and ran to the house to confirm it? Biden, of course, believing he had nothing to hide, gave his permission and promptly forgot about it.

It’s rumored the FBI now has the documents and have processed it for fingerprints and other evidence that may suggest who actually handled them. Now, everyone knows, Trump will never get his hands dirty but how about Stone and Bannon. Since the two hate each other’s guts, is it possible one placed the other’s prints on the documents? This would be a win-win for whomever orchestrated the conspiracy.

Now, there’s an added twist to this whole conspiracy. It turns out George Santos is actually Trump’s illegitimate child who was born female but transitioned to a serial liar. Anyway, Santos needed money so Stone texted Bannon to pay Santos to break into Biden’s house to plant classified documents. The idea was for Stone and Bannon to keep their hands (and DNA) off the documents but allow Santos to handle them. If this is confusing to you, that’s because it is confusing!

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